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I have done Chrysotype printing for several years. I meet with Mike Ware
when he was in Austin done some research and he was kind enough to give me
some pointers. I posted several months back that he had updated his web
site to include printing directions for the process. If things go well, I'd
be looking for a book by Mike on it soon as well.

It is quite important to control your humidity with the process as it will
effect the print color; as does the clearing agent(S) used, paper, and
toners if any.


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> Chris,
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> > I have not done chrysotype but Don Bryant on this list has.
> Thanks for the credit but I have not done Chrysotype printing although I
> said I wanted to. I have all of the chemicals but unfortunately not the
> time
> to work with chrysotypes.
> For a starter for anyone interested in chrysotypes I would suggest a
> Google
> search on the word "Chrysotype."
> Mike Ware's website:
> is sure to come up as well as others. His site will have a description of
> the process but unless you are someone that is comfortable with the
> chemical
> nomenclature and understand enough chemistry to have ease with reading his
> article the procedures outlined maybe difficult to follow. I exchanged a
> few
> e-mails with Dr. Ware a few years ago asking questions about the process.
> Even though his answers were courteous he finally asked that I not e-mail
> him further explaining that he did not intend to tutor me in chemistry;
> which was fair enough since it was his time. He also wrote that he was
> working on a chrysotype book, but I have yet to hear that it has been
> published. Dr. Peter Vail was also working with Ware and at one time had
> an
> online gallery and short description of the process, so Google on his name
> too.
> Finally Tony McLean has an article about Chrysotypes on the Unblinking Eye
> website:
> The late John Rudiak also posted an article on his website which is still
> available at:
> Terry King's website has an article titled "Chrysotype Rex" and may be
> worth
> reading:
> As for your black specks in your kallitypes, I would speculate that you
> have
> metallic silver in your solution so you may want to filter your
> sensitizer.
> From my experience recommended papers for this process include Stonehenge,
> Arches Platine, Cot320, Cranes Platinotype, Bienfang and Clear Print
> Vellums
> or any paper that usually works well with VDB.
> Good luck,
> Don Bryant
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