Quick Digi neg Tutorial

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Date: 07/14/05-12:49:54 PM Z
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I'm about to try my first Digital Neg. Any quick advice. I have a 6 color
Canon S820 printer and a Canon 4 color ip3000. I'm getting the OHP
Transparency Film.

I was in NY and took a digital picture of a turn of the Century welders mask
at MOMA.

Most likely I will do Cyanotype. Maybe gum later.

Should I convert the color image to grey scale first? I know ther4e are
curves you can apply. Do I then invert the image to print the neg? Or do I
use some setting in Photoshop CS?

When printing with a Digi neg, do you use the image side up (away from the

Well thanks for some quick advice.

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