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Date: 07/13/05-08:34:46 AM Z
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As I posted a while back, Anderson didn't devise the stain test, it was
invented by Wilhelm Koesters and was in his book Der Gummidruck of 1904, of
which I have a copy and a translation. Then it was repeated at the Royal
Photographic Society a couple times, in 1906 and 1908, so I can imagine that
the British put it into canon before Anderson and Anderson just copied.
Personally I have never used it. It was too anal for me, and since I use a
thicker gum and size now, stain is not a problem.

> Judy said: The business as far as
> I can tell (after reading most of the early lit) began with Paul Anderson,
> who devised the "test". ANDERSON WAS A FORMER ENGINEER ! The editors of >
the 1939 Handbook of Photography, whose stated aim was to make a book as >
authoritative for photography as an engineering handbook was for engineers >
(!!!!) thought it was dandy, so they included it, and from there it has
> been cut and pasted until I suppose this very day, making 60 years of gum
> printers think the process is really really tricky.
> My theory, BTW, is that that's why the myth that gum has to be pale tints
> in many coats got started -- because that's all the GPR test lets you
> do!!!
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