RE:Just the facts, Ma'am, Just the facts... Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued

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Curiosity combined with google allowed me to at least verify part of this

Check out the subsection entitled base paper.

Are we 'whistling past the graveyard' for factory silver paper?

> Quoting BOB KISS <>:
> > Let's examine the evidence:
> > 1) Michael and Paula have not only stocked AZO...they are contracting with
> a
> > manufacturer to produce a top quality chloride contact paper to replace
> it!
> > 2) Kentmere has introduced their own fine art silver/gelatin papers and
> are
> > doing a BIG advertising push. All this while we are hearing of implosions
> > from Kodak, Ilford, etc., etc!
> I had an interesting phone conversation this morning about the paper
> situation
> in general. Now admittedly, this is third hand information, so please chime
> in
> if you have some actual knowledge or expertise in this area.
> The gist of the conversation was that currently there is only one
> manufacturing plant in Germany that is coating the baryta on the paper stock
> that ALL the paper manufacturers send them for getting their paper base which
> they then coat with their particular proprietary gelatin emulsions.
> Supposedly, this plant is operating only 1 of 9 lines a few times a month.
> And
> when they decide that this business is just not much of a business, then
> no more factory paper, even if a manufacturer would like to make it. In other
> words, the critical factor may have less to do with the market optimism of
> any
> given photo paper maker than with the fate of this baryta coating operation.
> Again, this may belong in the urban legend category, but its provenance is
> from someone who is very technically astute and very close to the goings-on
> in
> Rochester.
> I dunno, something to ponder for sure. And if paper disappears, will there be
> any reason to continue making film?
> Interesting times,
> Eeyore
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