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        Let's examine the evidence:
1) Michael and Paula have not only stocked AZO...they are contracting with a
manufacturer to produce a top quality chloride contact paper to replace it!
2) Kentmere has introduced their own fine art silver/gelatin papers and are
doing a BIG advertising push. All this while we are hearing of implosions
from Kodak, Ilford, etc., etc!
3) Bergger has given us something close to Super XX.
What does this tell us?
1) The big players are getting out of the business because they are geared
to big production and big markets. They don't feel that their economy of
scale allows them to continue the "contracting market" items.
2) Smaller manufacturers are getting INTO production of "specialty" items
exactly because they ARE smaller and can make money manufacturing smaller
quantities and selling to smaller markets. They listen to our moaning and
see it as opportunity!
3) The smaller manufacturers are not producing mass market QUALITY
items...they are going for US...the fine art high end market.
4) We need to keep spreading the word of what we want.
5) When someone sticks their neck out and manufactures it we then need to
BUY it if we want to keep it around.
Sooooooooooooooooo, all politics and flaming aside, there are opportunities
here to get things we want by telling prospective manufacturers and then
supporting them with purchases.
        I for one, (Bergger, are you listening?) would STILL love to have someone
manufacture 20" X 24" direct positive film for making enlarged negatives
(like SO 132? And other discontinued graphic arts films). Philippe Monnoyer
was trying to get someone to do this and (my bad) I was supposed to test
some samples he sent me. For 18 months I have been in the throes of
building a home and moving my darkroom (STILL not finished!!!). It is MY
fault so I don't blame anyone else. I know about using lith film in low
contrast dev and I have produced 6 lovely 16X20 PT/PD prints by scanning my
8X10 negs, Frotoshopping the files, and outputting the enlarged negs on an
image setter. I would STILL like the option of controlling it myself with
one step in the darkroom.
        So, my three cents...while sitting here waiting to see what havoc tropical
storm Emily will reek upon my new home and darkroom!

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I find it somewhat ironic that such violent rhetoric should be voiced on
this board. Isn't one of the aims of 'alternative processes'. to remove
this type of threat from our creativity.

Biggest profits (and losses) are, and always have been, at the bleeding
edge of technology. Kodak is a public company and must be up there. It
is extremely sad that they have made this decision but we (and they
)must live with it. There are far more important issues to argue about.
Let it go. It's only paper. We can make it! It's easier to make an enemy
than a friend.


David H

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