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From: kris ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/08/05-04:29:16 PM Z
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i'll second (or third) the post-factory purchase idea. as the list has
shown time and time again, there are multiple ways to gum a print.

if you must buy a book, try Barnier's "Coming Into Focus" or James'
"Book of Alternative Photographic Processes"

all the best,

davidhatton wrote:
> Hi,
> Apparently Scopicks book on Gum is a 'must have!' if I'm serious about
> gum. Before I remortgage my shorts can someone tell me why it costs
> 141.67 in the UK??? ( that's 250 bucks!!!) and only 100 dollars in the
> USofA?
> Is there something truly awsome contained therein that makes it so
> impossible to live without? That's an awful lot of money. Don't you think?
> David H
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