Arista TEC 2 film

From: Ryuji Suzuki ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/07/05-06:13:07 PM Z
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I was shopping for graphic art films and noticed that Freestyle
carries APHS and TEC 2 lines of films. I have experience with their
APH and even earlier products but I am not sure about APHS and TEC2.

Does anyone have experience with TEC2? Care to describe how
similar/dissimilar it is to APH, APHS, Ektagraphic, Kodalith, etc? I
googled but comments I saw were trivial or beside the point and I
didn't get any useful info.

Base material? polyester, cellulose triacetate, etc.
Base tint? Clear, gray, bluish gray, etc.
Contrast in Dektol 1+2?
Contrast in D-11?


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