Re: Judy, it's Kokorec :)

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Date: 07/07/05-01:41:01 PM Z
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Hi Judy.
It's kokorec (c is the "" as in "Franais" - I'm not sure if you computer will be able to show that letter). Is is pronounced as co-co-r(e)ch (e: is like the e in red). AFAIK, it's a fast food also popular in Greece. I happen to love it and consume it very often :)

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Konu : Re: Single coat Gum Print..Negative aspects
In any event,to skip the tedious details, I'm trying to decipher my own
notes, centering on the supposedly Turkish word "kekeru" meaning fried
lamb intestine sandwich -- but my handwriting isn't clear. I asked the
fellow I buy (wonderful) fruit from, who claims to be Turkish, but he said
it may be a regional specialty. He'd never heard of it.

If Loris, or you, or any Turkish language maven (or possible gourmet) is
reading this, serious thanks for any help in advance. Apologies for the
interruption, and by all means (unless it's light sensitive) answer off

Thanks, and cheers,

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