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Certainly not an expert on the septic field problem, but as to the 4X5...

...if you're considering buying new, the flavor of the month is the Shen Hao.
  Midwest Photo Exchange and Badger Graphics both offer the Shen Hao 4X5's
and they are priced attractively and most of the folks that I've seen comment on
them seem to feel that they've gotten bang for their buck. Other than that
you have the option of finding a used press graphic, as a previous poster
suggested, or looking for a gently used Tachihara on ebay or wherever. Press
graphics frequently seem to have seen some serious use and most of them that I've
seen are not going to win any beauty contests but are very serviceable.
Tachi's seem to have been more coddled by their owners and are usually in better
shape (they are of more recent manufacture than press graphics, so that
explains some of it). More camera moves with the Tachi's. If you can, try to
physically look at and handle whatever you're considering buying...this helps you
avoid any "post-decisional-dissonance" after you've had the camera for a


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