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Date: 07/05/05-06:33:02 AM Z
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1. I now live in house with a septic field. Any advice on how to do silver
and alt-photography without killing the thing?

This was extensively discussed on some list I was on - perhaps the old
Pure-Silver list? (Archives still active???) Also, Kodak had/has info on
their website about septic systems. I have had a darkroom in this house for
nearly 30 years. I cannot speak about much of the alt-chemistry -
especially dichromates. But, your basic process chemistry poses very
minimal concerns, with the exception of fixer - which, because it's
concentrated salt, tends to diminish the bacterial activity in the tank. I
understand leaving steel wool overnight in a pail of used fix renders it
more neutral, but I've never tried it, much less tested it.

2. Any advice on well water?

My well is driven through granite and is cased. It is something like 125'
deep. I recently had the water tested (an "extended" test including arsenic
and lead and I forget what else) and all the numbers were fine. Advice? Be
attentive and test the water!

3. I am going to buy a 4x5 in the fall. Are there any suggestions for an
entry level, but not too low, camera kit (camera, lenses, tripod, backs,
etc.)? I had a 4 x5 years ago but did not really learn how to use it. I am
now starting from scratch.

How about a Crown Graphic? They are plentiful and still not expensive -
especially on eBay. They have most the basic swings and tilts to a very
useful degree. Unless you're trying to photograph chess boards from some
rakish angle it should be fine. The old Tilt-All tripods handled these
cameras very well - and was light and compact. You can even shoot a Crown
Graphic hand-held.... I've used one for years and still love it.

Good luck!

Tenants Harbor, Maine
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