RE: cyanotype on glass ( how to clean the glass and other stuff)

From: John Cremati ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/26/05-03:09:57 PM Z
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 I work in art glass and beveling and to really clean glass I would just
use Bon Ami. It is basically a mild pumice and will not scratch the glass
but actually semi polish it abrasively .. ( you still would not want to
use this on a camera lens..) ....Alcohol would be a good final wash to use
as well to make sure any finger prints ect are fully removed... The Bon Ami
would remove any silicone coating that the mfg put on the glass for shipment
to prevent it from scratching itself....It will be squeaky clean...You can
find Bon Ami in just about any grocery store.
John Cremati
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