Re: cyanotype on glass ( how to clean the glass and other stuff)

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Date: 01/26/05-02:56:57 PM Z
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Carmen Lizardo wrote:
> Dear list,
> A student of mine (Kelly) wants to do cyanotype on
> glass. She has been fallowing Galina's technique
> published in the Christopher James book, but we can't
> figure out with what to clean the glass. I found that
> the C. James book recommends something called
> "rottenstone" but I don't know what this is or where
> to get it.
> And a couple of more questions: The formula for the
> sensitizer calls for one part "prepared" gelatin to
> two parts sensitizer, is this prepared solution a
> combined mix of gelatin and hardener such as glyoxal?
> What is the easiest way to coat the glass?
> Thank you kindly
> Carmen and Kelly


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