Re: Gum drives you nuts.

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Date: 01/24/05-04:48:38 PM Z
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Hello Kate!

I dabbled in felt hatmaking many, many moons ago and now I dabble in
"Photographic Watercolour Prints" and I think there is a (loose?) thing they
have in common - di (or bi-) chromate.

It is so long ago that I made my last hat (nearly 30 years ago) but I'm sure
we used to use a dichromate to either stiffen of give the felt shape. I
also remember that the chemical - bright orange - tended to be a bit

I know it's a little off topic, but I wondered if you used this chemical
(I'm half sure it was potassium dichromate) in hatmaking?

Regards from the UK (its snowing),

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> Dear all, I used to be a feltmaker - (now you can all say "what????"*)
> so maybe I am over-sensitive, but I am sick and tired of saying "gum
> bichromate print"

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