Gum drives you nuts.

From: Kate M ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/24/05-04:38:35 AM Z
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Dear all, I used to be a feltmaker - (now you can all say "what????"*)
so maybe I am over-sensitive, but I am sick and tired of saying "gum
bichromate print" to people and having them look like stunned mullets,
then spending the next 25 minutes explaining the process (to people who
will forget all about it in the following ten minutes) how about
this...we will know they're gum prints, but let's just call them
"Photographic Watercolour Prints" in public. So much easier for the
average non-alt person to (think they) understand...and to most people,
the image is what counts, not the process. What do you think???

*(And no, it's not the soap that holds the felt together, and no, it's
not going to fall apart when you wash it, and yes, its all pure
wool,hand-dyed, and yes, I do design and make the fabric...and yes, you
DO have to protect it from moths......and WHY the HELL don't you read
the BROCHURE?????)


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