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Yes, thank you, Joe.

Because I was working with students last year, we developed a LOT of
those solarplates.

At first, it was no problem. I got dry skin, but I attributed it to just
having my hands in water so much.

The last day I worked with them, we probably developed 20 or so of the
plates and I developed a pinkish sort of rash. (The color was very much
the same as the color of the water bath as we cleared the plates.) It
was a bit puffy and itchy for a couple days.

Solution: kitchen gloves. The problem is that they cut down on my
ability to feel the plates, so I wore them ... "sometimes". None of my
students had any trouble. But they should all wash their hands before


Joe Smigiel wrote:

>>>> 01/22/05 2:21 AM >>>
>... Also, does the solarplate material off-gas
>anything? Many of my students have very weak constitutions and we need
>keep the room free of chemical contaminates. And finally, is the
>material biodegradable? Our school is on a septic system.<<<
>The solarplate develops in water and the process is much less toxic than
>traditional platemaking processes. According to the website
> "Safety test results reveal that SOLARPLATE causes no harm to the human
>body when used under normal conditions, however, the user snould work in
>a well ventilated area to reduce any odor concentration. People with
>hypersensitive skin are recommended to wear gloves."
>The big drawback is the cost of the material. I think Daniel Smith
>carries it in your neck of the woods. I don't know of a Canadian source
>for it though.
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