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Date: 01/22/05-02:29:05 AM Z
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>>> 01/22/05 2:21 AM >>>
... Also, does the solarplate material off-gas
anything? Many of my students have very weak constitutions and we need
keep the room free of chemical contaminates. And finally, is the
material biodegradable? Our school is on a septic system.<<<

The solarplate develops in water and the process is much less toxic than
traditional platemaking processes. According to the website

 "Safety test results reveal that SOLARPLATE causes no harm to the human
body when used under normal conditions, however, the user snould work in
a well ventilated area to reduce any odor concentration. People with
hypersensitive skin are recommended to wear gloves."

The big drawback is the cost of the material. I think Daniel Smith
carries it in your neck of the woods. I don't know of a Canadian source
for it though.

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