Re: 500W Halogen lamps instead of a flourescent box?

From: Etienne Garbaux ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/22/05-12:45:14 AM Z
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Michael wrote:

> I've been painting a room as of late. I'm using one of those high output
> 500W "work lights" with a steel tube frame stand, available for $10-$15 at
> most hardware stores. It's got a clear UV filter plate on the front of it
> and all sorts of warnings about not removing it yah-da-yah-da. Can I use it
> to create a contact print? I'm thinking mounting it at a distance of about
> 3' from the 8X10 frame? Do-able, usable or inadvisable?

I just measured several 500W tubular halogens with a color temperature
meter, and they were all below 3000 kelvins. In other words, slightly
richer in shorter wavelengths than a 100W household bulb, but less than a
3200k or 3400k photoflood. I can tell you from experience that platinum
exposure times with a 250W photoflood bulb at 3 feet are similar to the
lifetime of the bulb.

Also, my work light reflectors cast very uneven light.

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