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Date: 01/21/05-09:12:44 AM Z
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I've been saying, right from the beginning, that
Martha should do some prison cell spruce up to discretely hide a it peas
and potatoes again? coverall do's and don'ts...from
the bedroom to the bathroom...
--- wrote:

> There has been a news item recently that stated that
> the martha stewart
> catalog and internet sales will be
> discontinued...things were going so well, why
> stop now?
> I've always been a big fan of Martha's...I have the
> first twelve years of her
> magazine (and I'm a straight, middle aged
> man....since I live in such amazing
> disorder, i consider it pornography for people with
> messy houses: you can
> look at pictures if that perfectly organized closet
> that you know you'll never
> have).
> Remember: Martha Stewart Living well is the best
> revenge.
> Just thin what would have happened if they sent
> Oprah to the slammer for six
> months...that boggles the mind!
> argon


"The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds.
 The pessimist fears it's true" - J Robert Oppenheimer

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