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Date: 01/21/05-08:08:23 AM Z
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Arches makes a good black paper, probably the blackest I tested a few
years back. Of course, it was one of the most expensive too.


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Eric S. Theise wrote:
> Hi Katharine,
> > So obviously the best solution would be a good smooth black paper
> > that will take soaking, if there's such a thing. Most of the black
> > papers I've seen are thinner and sort of construction-paper
> Have you ever worked with Stonehenge? It comes in black and might
> be what you're looking for. I find it a really versatile paper.

Thanks, I was just looking at Stonehenge in the Daniel Smith catalog.
know I printed gum on it when I was testing papers years ago, and I
don't remember any problem printing gum on it, so it's probably a good
paper for the purpose; thanks for the suggestion,

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