Black Paper?

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/20/05-07:08:05 AM Z
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Carmen, tell me about your black Folio paper. Does it have a smooth

The only black paper I have is Arches Cover, and I don't really like
printing gum on it because it has such a coarse and open texture; I like
a smoother paper.

I've been experimenting with turning regular watercolor paper black by
painting it with black ink, with mixed results. I first tried two
different "permanent" black inks, only to find that they aren't
waterproof, so the black will lift and turn the white paint grey. When I
finally found a truly waterproof ink, I found that it made such a
waterproof surface on the paper that the gum emulsion won't hold to the
paper. So obviously the best solution would be a good smooth black paper
that will take soaking, if there's such a thing. Most of the black
papers I've seen are thinner and sort of construction-paper looking.

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