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From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/20/05-03:10:10 PM Z
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What a great idea! Do you know if they come in smaller sizes, or can
they be cut? What are they made of?

Joe Smigiel wrote:
> >>> 01/20/05 10:05 PM >>>
> >>I was wondering what the more safety conscious of us are wearing for
> eye
> protection against UV light. I'm finally working with a machine
> powerful
> enough that I'm concerned about UV exposure, and I want to make sure I'm
> doing everything I should to protect my sight. Almost everything
> eyewear
> today says it blocks 99.9% of UV, but <<
> I purchased an ~6'x10' welding curtain from a local welder's supply
> house for about $25 IIRC. It hangs from a suspended ceiling via shower
> curtain hooks and encircles the NuArc 26-1K plateburner that I use for
> alternative processes. I bought it wide enough so that overlaps about
> 6" in the front of the unit and I close it using a couple of those large
> magnetic clips that are meant to hold papers/notes to metal cabinets.
> This allows easy access to the front of the machine and controls. There
> is also about 3" of space between the curtain and ceiling so that heat
> has a chimney-like escape route from the unit.
> Using this curtain I don't have to worry about the UV or wearing
> personal protection. I've tested some papers coated with cyanotype and
> VDB emulsions placed about a foot from the curtain over an exposure of
> about 10-15 minutes and very little fogging occurred so I assume the UV
> is blocked safely as long as I don't stare through the curtain for any
> length of time while the prints are cooking. This setup allows me to be
> in the same room while the UV unit is operating without worrying about
> burning up my retinas. Also, the curtain is fairly transparent to
> visible wavelengths (like a big gray neutral density filter) so I can
> actually check the exposure progress on the LED display (and within the
> frame if I had any reason to do so, which I don't) while the UV is on.
> A similar setup perhaps could isolate your machine safely. Plus, they
> come in a variety of colors for the fashion conscious.
> Now, if I could only do something about the noise the unit makes I'd be
> a happy camper.
> Joe
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