Re: ULF photography

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/20/05-10:06:35 PM Z
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No offense taken.

However, bickering has been an integral part of this list from the
very beginning. Just look at the archives.

Further, I am first and foremost a list participant, not a List
Minder. If you would like to take my place as one of the list minders
please feel free to contact Gordon and offer your services. I would
be more than happy to relinquish the position to you.


> > Very interesting! So now it turns out that Judy knew all along that
>> ULF stood for ultra large format?
>> * * *
>> Barring some reasonable explanation for this inconsistency I am
>> inclined to suspect that the Judy's original query was not all that
>> good natured, and somewhat less altruistic, than she now claims and
>> suggests.
>No offense intended, but is this not the very sort of bickering that a List
>Minder is supposed to discourage?
>Best regards,
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