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Date: 01/19/05-12:49:03 PM Z
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Yikes...the original question was how do you print yellow? (i think) In
reference to my using RGB seps instead of using cmyk seps. My answer in a
quick read was as posted. As CZA says you cant get yellow from those negs
combined as we are using pigment and not light therefore it is subtractive.
Sooooo thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow :0 Duh.


>From: "Christina Z. Anderson" <>
>Subject: Re: tempera interests
>Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 09:45:04 -0500
>That was the hardest thing for me to get used to, that green and red
>*light* make yellow (the three primaries of additive light are RGB, not
>RYB--yellow is a secondary color in light, combo of green and red for those
>who haven't studied color photography...I even have a slide of it) But how
>on earth this applies to tempera printing, because pigment is subtractive
>and, of course, the normal rules of mixing should apply (red and green make
>a neutral brown/grey/black),
>Waiting for the answer with 'bated breath from Tim O'Neill.
> From: "Dave Soemarko" <>
>>It surprised me too. Tim, are you doing transparencies?
>>Dave S
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>>Subject: Re: tempera interests
>>>Tim O'Neill wrote:
>>>>Its additive color so equal parts of green and red would give me yellow.
>>>This is a joke, right? Sorry, one shouldn't crash into threads one
>>>hasn't been following, but this gave me pause.
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