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That was the hardest thing for me to get used to, that green and red *light*
make yellow (the three primaries of additive light are RGB, not RYB--yellow
is a secondary color in light, combo of green and red for those who haven't
studied color photography...I even have a slide of it) But how on earth
this applies to tempera printing, because pigment is subtractive and, of
course, the normal rules of mixing should apply (red and green make a
neutral brown/grey/black),
Waiting for the answer with 'bated breath from Tim O'Neill.

  From: "Dave Soemarko" <>
> It surprised me too. Tim, are you doing transparencies?
> Dave S
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>> Tim O'Neill wrote:
>>> Its additive color so equal parts of green and red would give me yellow.
>> This is a joke, right? Sorry, one shouldn't crash into threads one
>> hasn't been following, but this gave me pause.
>> kt
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