one more note on glyoxal

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Date: 01/18/05-10:27:58 AM Z
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A quickie:
I had a test sample of papers "used" right away--as soon as I glyoxaled them
in a separate bath, I soaked them again for a long time. I just found them
in my darkroom :) when cleaning.

Anyway, the Fab Artistico hot press paper is yellowed, and follows the other
pattern of yellowing more than the CP or SP that I found with all the other
test samples. So if used right away, yellowing still occurs.

My only conclusion is that glyoxal and HP Artistico together is a pretty
good way to get yellowing with glyoxal. I would surmise, perhaps wrongly,
it is the alkalinity of the paper, or some other substance in that
particular paper that is contributing to yellowing. If Fabriano would be so
kind as to release their ingredients....I know they are not sized with

The next would be to soak the paper in sodium carbonate, I suppose, and then
size with glyoxal and see if it turns neon orange...but I can't imagine I
have time to do that this semester.
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