Re: Help with gum pritns on black paper with white Gouache.

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Date: 01/18/05-10:23:46 AM Z
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> BTW, I did used to print with gouache, as there were some **gorgeous**
> hot pink, purple, and orange colors I liked. Then someone questioned
> their archivalness so I quit.
> Chris

Chris, the question about gouache's archivalness is probably due to some
readings in old materials. Gouache used to be cheap poster colors with
fugitive pigments or dyes and white added (for opacity). Nowadays if you buy
artist gouache (for example, Winsor and Newton), they are basically the same
as watercolor except that the concentration is higher for opacity reason.

And for the same reason, gouache can be used for gum printing for opague or
transparent look. It all depends on how much you use.

It has been a while since I did gum printing, but there are a couple of
realistic gum print that I did with gouache. You can see them at

Both prints shown there were made with gouache. The first one was on unsized
Canson Mitentis. There was some staining.

If you do surf around, please ignore the Soemarko process, pricing, etc.
etc. :-) I haven't done that for years either due to job change although
I hope to get back to it.

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