Move to synthetic materials (from versatile surfactant_

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Date: 01/16/05-08:33:41 PM Z
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Ryuji Suzzuki wrote

>. . . .. But the whole field has
> tried to move away from substances of natural origin so that more
> consistent and predicatable resuts are obtained from every batch.
> (Synthetic substitute for gelatin has not been found yet.)
. . .

Has anyone tried agar or agarose? If it works, it has some nice properties
of melting and gelling. It requires boiling to melt, but it is free flowing
down to a relatively warm temperature. It then becomes hard to remelt at
low temperatures. It may be good for POP, and chemical processes, but lousy
for dichromate type processes.

Polyacrylamide is also interesting, but the monomer is a nasty toxic.
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