Re: a versatile surfactant that kills bubbles

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Date: 01/16/05-10:48:34 AM Z
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From: Jack Fulton <>
Subject: Re: a versatile surfactant that kills bubbles
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 06:31:04 -0800

> a long time ago, in a JOBO newsletter, one person said the secret to
> spreading liquid emulsion was to add a few drops of good quality
> heavy cream to the batch being used for coating. I presumed it had
> something to do with emulsified fats or something t o do with casein
> that allowed the material to spread smoothly.

Milk is used as a defoamer in old emulsion/sizing formulae. I suppose
the heavy cream was used for the same purpose. But the whole field has
tried to move away from substances of natural origin so that more
consistent and predicatable resuts are obtained from every batch.
(Synthetic substitute for gelatin has not been found yet.)

Those surfactants I mentioned are sold by Dow Chemical.

Ryuji Suzuki
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