Re: Help with gum pritns on black paper with white Gouache.

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/16/05-08:13:14 AM Z
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Thanks Judy, I'm glad to see some corroboration for my sense that it is
indeed possible to make a continuous tone white on black image.

As for the black gesso, no doubt you're right. I was thinking of diluted
gesso, which would keep the character of the paper, but I suppose
diluted black gesso wouldn't give a solid black.

Judy Seigel wrote:
> Meanwhile, I have recalled two white-paint-on-black-paper gum prints by
> students reproduced in Post-Factory #1 (1998), pages 8 & 9.
> The one on p. 8 by Sandy Rosenberg was "taken with 35mm camera on the
> streets of Kashmir in 1976." The one on p. 9, was by Menno Kok, an
> exchange student from the Netherlands. Both have continuous tone and both
> were done on black paper using positive transparencies. Neither shows its
> true verve in the offset repro, and, sorry, no further technical details
> are included.
> Even if there were, paints & papers won't be the same 8 years later. Some
> trial and error needed no matter what. However, FWIW, I myself had tried
> printing on black gesso'd paper & found a coat thick enough to make an
> opaque black lost too much of the paper character & tooth.
> Judy
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