RE: Help with gum pritns on black paper with white Gouache.

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Another option may be to use black acrylic gesso to coat a normal
watercolor paper before printing with white pigments.

I experimented a couple months ago with (Alexander the PBS
fire-it-in-happy-tree painter) black gesso diluted 1+2 with water and it
showed promise before I got sidetracked with other things. I was
printing using DaVinci titanium white watercolor pigment mixed with some
funky Daniel Smith interference colors and mica shimmering pigments.
The attenuator was a digital positive on Pictorico OHP printed using an
Epson 2200. The initial effect was pretty contrasty but I think could
be refined to bring out the midtones.


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Hi Carmen,

Do you know the pigment in paint the you use? I recall white paints with
Zinc Oxide won't let UV light pass through them - maybe you should try a
more expensive Titanium White paint. Please bear in mind that I never
tried gum over black paper - this is just what came into my mind reading
your question. And of course paper itself may be causing the problem


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> Subject: Help with gum pritns on black paper with white Gouache.
> Dear List,
> I've been trying to make gum prints on black paper
> with white Gouache from a positive transparency. I am
> using black Folio print paper, some very cheap white
> paint I found I my old art bin. The problem is that I
> loose all of the subtleties in the image and only get
> very high contrast. Is it possible to print mid tones
> with gouache paint? Do the quality of the paint
> matters when it comes to gouache? Maybe is the paper?
> Thank you so much for all of the great advice.
> Love,
> Carmen
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