Re: any hard core bulk loader?

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Date: 01/15/05-07:35:31 PM Z
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Subject: Re: any hard core bulk loader?

>I have some 100' roll containers. They are black
>plastic. I
> bulk-load 35 mm for my 175+ high school students, and I am
> sure that I have 5 or 6
> lying around if you want them.
> BTW, does anyone know who makes that stuff? Arista pro
> seem to be Ilford
> film, but the .edu is different. It seems prone to
> reticulation which might be a
> problem for some, although I like it.
> Rob Hobbs

    Freestyle also has Arista EDU in sheet film sizes
including 5x7. I don't know for certain who makes it but
suspect its one of the former Eastern Zone companies.
    BTW, a friend sent me some Chinese 120 film I will be
trying soon. He says its good film but their QC isn't so

Richard Knoppow
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