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Subject: Re: Author frustration.

> Judy: I was on the list in the early days and do remember. With any
> luck, we're getting better. On your other point, Matt or Martha, but for
> her fame, I do not believe she would be in jail. Too bad when her "crime"
> is lying about something that turned out not to be criminal. Jim

Just to keep from going too far from the subject of women, photography,
acceptence = politics.

Since the drug was finally approved by the FDA, the real crime turned out to
be a greater belief in the money than the science.

If Martha Stewart had invested in the future of women, and the doctor would
have had a passionate belief in his creation their integrity would never
have been challenged.

Not too far off from the parallel with respect to our art.

I believe Martha was unfairly persecuted, but the example is more applicable
to the arts than the law. Too often women are fighting against prejudice
that doesn't exist, and men fail to stand up for the passion that does.

Photography is a good thing. :)

Steve Shapiro
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