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Why don't you try the library.

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> I might recommend Katrin Eismann's book, "Masking & Compositing". She also
> has numerous articles around online and CD tutorials of various sorts as
> well as another book on photo retouching and restoration. Her approach is
> practical and easy to follow without degenerating into a "Dummies" type
> book.
> Oh yeah, it doesn't cost $50 if you order online.

Thanks Don -- You remind me that I have that in my notes (probably from a
Dan workshop) & had forgotten about it.

And speaking of "the literature' -- I tried to get the Camera Arts
magazine with Mark's brilliant article about digital negatives. I even
went-- if you could BELIEVE -- above 14th Street. Nobody had Camera Arts,
in fact one magazine store (the one in Grand Central that has EVERYTHING)
explained that it doesn't distribute except by subscription, though
somehow that doesn't seem likely.

Any suggestions? A phone number I could call for a NYC outlet? Who's the

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