RE: You Say Krappy, I Say Crappy

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Date: 01/10/05-09:41:48 AM Z
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Perhaps there are two sides to this one. As an artist, you or I can, I say must, simply decree that we are artists, and then make stuff. I would say we make art.

Future generations will decide whether I was a lousy artist making lousy art.

It's dangerous to narrow the definitions and let go of the creative control and the ability to work at making art, as defined by our own definitions. Were some outside consensus to define what's OK, what's art, who's an artist, I suspect there'd be no Westons, no Warhols, no Arbus's, no Cezannes, no Gustons.... There are folks who, in the moment, are hard to love, who often are the folks who future generations will say utterly remade the world of art.

Others will and should get to say if they like it.


>We (artists) don't get to qualify what
> is or isn't art, it is decided for a culture/society by other (some
> current, some future) players in the mix; seldom are these players the
> actual artists involved.
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