Re: Iron Processes with Dichromate - calibrating curves

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I am sure that you are right in that there will be a slight difference in
the curve depending on whether you calibrate with fresh developer or with
a seasoned developer. However, in my own experience the difference is
really quite small, and considering the fact that you will be doing most
if not all of your printing with developer which has been replenished it
makes sense to me that one should calibrate with the "seasoned" soup.


> OK, thanks for the information Sandy. I think you have given this to me
> before, but it gets interesting when trying to calibrate a curve. i.e.
> beginning with fresh developer with 1 ml of 5% dichromate/liter will yield
> a
> different result than a 'seasoned' developer that's been replenished with
> only 100 ml of fresh dev. containing dichromate. Calibrating a curve
> will
> require already having an equilibrium established between exhausted/fresh
> developer.... or else it's meaningless.
> Michael Klemmer
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>> Sorry about the multiple messages on this. My impression is that the p
>> dichromate is consumned at a slightly faster rate than the developer so
>> I
>> have established a standard rate of replenishment, for both kallitpe and
>> pallaidum, that consists of about 100ml of new developer (with the right
>> amount of dichromate added) for every 200 square inches of print surface
>> developed. If you start to see any fog increase the rate to 100ml per
>> every 100 square inches.
>> Sandy
>> > Shall I assume that K Dichromate is being consumed in the process at
>> > roughly the same rate that as the replenishment with fresh developer?
> So
>> > therefore I should begin with developer that has no dichromate, but
>> with
> a
>> > starting replenish charge of developer contining the K Dichromate?
>> >
>> > Michael Klemmer
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