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On Mon, 3 Jan 2005, Jon Lybrook wrote:

> ...many "serious, performing musicians"
> also respect John Cage as a highly daring and creative force.

> Cage ... gave his initial and subsequent courage to many serious
> musicians to explore beyond the confines of the accepted convention. The
> musical world is (or was) a daring and more interesting place because of him.


>> John Cage is (quietly) considered to be
>> a charlatan by every
>> serious performing musician I know (myself included).


>> My husband, a serious performing cellist, heartily agrees.


Dear fellow ranters,

Jon makes more sense than the charlatanists, at least to me...

Think about the dismissals of Whistler (until he sued, if memory serves --
no I don't QUITE remember directly, but from a book -- about the pot of
paint in the public's face; he prevailed, sort of, but only collected a
farthing) and Picasso (kindergarten art) and the abstract expressionists
(my 4 year old could do that) and more Picasso "Don't you like Kuniyoshi
better?" (from Franz Kline), Chardin got a lotta lumps, PH Emerson hated
most art back to the Egyptians, while declaring that a certain English
painter (a compleat hack, unheard of today) would live forever. Didn't Jed
Perl jump up and down on Conrad Richter and ALL photography in "art", as
quoted approvingly on this very list???? (Perl's favorite genius was... oh
what's his name, the pederast, the little girls' bloomers man.) There are
even critics who STILL don't get Andy Warhol. (What dull lives they must

There are in fact whole collections (I printed my own modest one in an
early P-F) of artists jumping up and down on other *different* art...
especially innovative contemporaneous art.

Cage just wasn't doing what Beethoven was doing. Even I know that...

And a Happy Krappy New Year to all.

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