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Always interesting to compare performance art with visual art. Or
visual art with decorative art, for that matter. Cage was not a
decorative musician. He was clearly more cerebral than melodic at times.

But, you can't dance to Beethoven. Many did to Cage.

We can drop names all you want to, but many "serious, performing
musicians" also respect John Cage as a highly daring and creative force.
  I certainly don't like or try to understand everything he wrote, nor
have I heard it all (though I did see a couple performances with him).

He opened our minds, as well as our ears to a sonic world otherwise
limited by proper orchestral instruments, lilting melodies followed by
soaring arpeggios and a big bang at the end, so we all knew when to
clap. Cage broke that structure and gave his initial and subsequent
courage to many serious musicians to explore beyond the confines of the
accepted convention. The musical world is (or was) a daring and more
interesting place because of him. I wonder if the same will be said by
anyone about these 'serious performers' who want so much to call his
validity into question?

Jon wrote:
> > (((John Cage!)))
> Hah!
> Small problem: John Cage is (quietly) considered to
> be a charlatan by every
> serious performing musician I know (myself
> included). To wit, his 4' 33"
> for piano.
> Don Feinberg
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> My husband, a serious performing cellist, heartily agrees.
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> Susan Daly Voss
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