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Date: 01/04/05-10:59:16 AM Z
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From: "Marie Wohadlo"

> So, perhaps a work is "about the process" for some artists --- meaning,
> they really love the methods and materials and time and energy put into it
> (called "flow" by Csikszentmihalyi) --- but for most people, a work is
> (((about))) (terribly vague word, I know) whatever they see in it.*
> Wouldn't you agree that most non-artists don't "see" the process per se,
> but an image, maybe some materials, but basically that part is only
> controllable to a degree. This is partly why I think that the title of
> Artist is something that, ideally, is conferred on someone, not printed on
> your own (*&^%$# damned business card. :)
> ---Marie
> * I would disagree when talking about all-things-digital, however. We (the
> big/western we) are more than tourists who never get beyond the waiting
> room -- we are savvy and demand/expect to see behind the curtain.

In agreement that we, the collective who relate to this reference, are about
the flow. Some of us love the materials, and to some extent that pushes the
flow along. Using the materials, the labels with their simple and plain
typing promotes the idea that we are acting within our flow behind the
curtain, to some extent as we climb the ladder to get to the root of control
within the technique. As an artist, we seek a gratification for stopping
the moment and siezing something of truth, truth being beauty and beauty
being truth. Yes, I'd agree, it's the flow and when we stop -- for a long
time -- we may no longer be artists. Or, it may be created upon our
business cards, and that, then, is the day that carries us along in a flow,

S. Shapiro
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