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Date: 01/04/05-10:08:23 AM Z
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So, perhaps a work is "about the process" for some artists --- meaning,
they really love the methods and materials and time and energy put into it
(called "flow" by Csikszentmihalyi) --- but for most people, a work is
(((about))) (terribly vague word, I know) whatever they see in it.*
Wouldn't you agree that most non-artists don't "see" the process per se,
but an image, maybe some materials, but basically that part is only
controllable to a degree. This is partly why I think that the title of
Artist is something that, ideally, is conferred on someone, not printed on
your own (*&^%$# damned business card. :)


* I would disagree when talking about all-things-digital, however. We (the
big/western we) are more than tourists who never get beyond the waiting
room -- we are savvy and demand/expect to see behind the curtain.
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