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Is this not art? I am just completing my second 4x5 camera (my own designs,
built from scratch; folding field cameras). The building of the thing is,
at least for me, a work of art. I made the wooden pieces with intarsia
inlays. I've used the colors and textures of the various materials "against" each
other. And then there's the goal of getting, ahem, "perfectly dimensioned"
and finished parts which work "perfectly" with each other as a smoothly
coordinated machine.

            ooooooo that's something i would LOVE to do, myself. It may
have to wait though, till i finish the acoustic dreadnought guitar i'm building
;o) Like your camera, it has contrasting woods, and the ebony fingerboard
will be inlaid with opals as fret markers. I can just hope it sounds half as
good as it will ( hopefully) look.
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Susan Daly Voss
lower upstate NY
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