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Boy, this comment certainly suggests a surprisingly low opinion of
masturbation. hehehehe

But it did cause me to think about process(es). When I think of all the
"processes" that are actually involved from the initial idea to the final print
and the skills required for each step, it is rather mind boggling. I'm
surprised at times that I even do it (photography)!

I guess that I must in some masochistic way enjoy most of the processes that
are involved between finding or conceptualizing an image and hanging the
framed print on the wall. Well, there are a few I don't enjoy—developing film and
framing. So those I leave to a custom photo lab and a custom framer.

I can see the appeal of the Krappy Kamera. Sort of a minimalist exercise
where you strip yourself naked (of gear and technology) and pleasure yourself by
meeting the challenge of creating images that rival those made with all the
high tech gear for which you have spent every spare dime you had. It would be
a great class to teach and I am sure it has been done — hand the class some
plastic cameras and 10 rolls of film at the beginning of the semester and then
require that each produce a show of 20 images at the end of the semester.

An interesting thread. I've enjoyed reading the comments, thoughts and

In a way I guess there is a similarity between photography/art and
masturbation. As the old joke goes—"at least I know what I like!"

.....and, of course, pre-visualization can be helpful in both cases.

Mark Nelson

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> To me, saying something is "about the process" is quite masturbatory. And
> uninteresting except to other's who might want to try it, read about it
> (subscribe to it, such as we) or purchase the darn
> thing/piece/painting/photo/sculpture/print/whatever. The true/original/self-proclaimed "avant garde" artists
> deemed it so. It's still all about the gallery superstar and whatever he/she
> does in the privacy of la studio?! Hmpf.
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