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John, a great tip. I welcome this new series addressing Photography Armatures like me.
Let Jim Brick and Richard savor their Stroebel over their Friday evening cocktails. The
rest of us, though - I mean, who really wants to be handed a book called Photography
for Idiots? Personally, I'm not sure I'll go for that telescope book myself, but Lens
Making for Armatures, I'm running that one down today. I say, I don't care how
professional you are, everyone still has their inner Armature.


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> I have a book called Armature Telescope making where they get
> into
> making telescope lenses but you talk about low tech their method is
> it...... They start by taking two glass blanks and start grinding on
> themselves with various grit sizes in between. Eventually one piece
> will be concave, and the other rounded..... The Telescope people used
> the concave piece , mirrored it and built a telescope around
> it............
> I hear there is a book call Armature Lens Making that goes into
> it a
> little more detail ......... I used to have a old lens making machine
> that was simply a lens mold rotating on a centered arbor.... You would
> put the glass by doping with hard wax on a arbor and then put this in
> contact with the mold..........They still make these machines... Salem
> Distributing sells the various grits, polishes, exc.....
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