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       I have a book called Armature Telescope making where they get into
making telescope lenses but you talk about low tech their method is it......
They start by taking two glass blanks and start grinding on themselves with
various grit sizes in between. Eventually one piece will be concave, and
the other rounded..... The Telescope people used the concave piece ,
mirrored it and built a telescope around it............
     I hear there is a book call Armature Lens Making that goes into it a
little more detail ......... I used to have a old lens making machine that
was simply a lens mold rotating on a centered arbor.... You would put the
glass by doping with hard wax on a arbor and then put this in contact with
the mold..........They still make these machines... Salem Distributing sells
the various grits, polishes, exc.....

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> John Cremati wrote:
> > The book "Primitive Photography : A Guide to Making Cameras,
> > and Calotypes
> > by Alan Greene is just excellent with a full chapter on making a home
> > primitive lens and the likes I recomend this book highly for this
> > matter ..... They use PVC pipe for thier barrel material and take you
> > the whole process step by step................
> Hi
> I did find that book a bit high tech, had hoped for an explanation on
> how to make the lens elements myself:) get a pice of lens glass and
> start grinding, is it?
> Does anyone know any source / book explaining this?
> Halvor
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