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From: Sam Wang ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/25/05-02:51:30 PM Z
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Hello John. Hello Marilyn.

Though you could tape the lens to a box, I find using a view camera much easier because at large apertures you do need to be able to change focusing position. And with large apertures in bright light, it would be a little hard to move your hat/shutter fast enough.

To determine the f/ stop is easy enough: f/ = focal length divided by the diameter of aperture. And paper is about ISO 6.

I've used fresnel magnifiers to good effect as well.


>In a message dated 25/02/05 15:20:17 GMT Standard Time,
>> This is fascinating. How do you attach the low tech lens to the 8 X 10
>> camera Do you rig some kind of lens with a barrel? What do you use to
>> make the size aperture you want? Tape? Cardboard?
>> Can you and Sam tell us more about how you make and use these low tech
>> lenses?
>> Marilyn
>Sure Marilyn, I spent several years collecting bits and pieces like large
>bellows, 8x10 film holders etc., but suddenly remembered someone saying to me as
>a child, "A camera is just a box with a lens at one end and room for a bit of
>film or etc., at the other.'' So, thats what I made. Its nice to use high tech
>stuff if you can afford it and I have gone thru' most of the gear over the
>years but it is even more satisfying to work with simple ''garbage'' knowing
>that the results far outweigh expectations.
> Attaching simple meniscus lenses to large format Deardorfs or cardboard
>boxes does not include expensive turned metal barrels....just some duct tape
>and, as you guessed, cardboard for lens boards.You could use empty plastic
>containers from things like cake making products about the same diameter as the
>lenses. Everything you will need is out there on the supemarket shelves. For
>me, at least, this is real alternative photography and its great that there
>seems to be many others out there thinking and working along similar lines. Sam
>Wang has mentioned a couple of other aspects. Hi Sam. The last time I read
>about you was in Judy's Post Factory mag No 9. or was it No 8? Did you notice I
>had a mention, too, in the article on Fresson?
> Would be pleased to help with any other specific questions re Low
>Tech. Got to push on now with messing about with Bromoil and Oil printing
>By the way...... resin coated bromide paper makes great negatives. Contact
>them with the same stuff and you will be absolutely astonished at what you get.
> Tootle pip for now. John Grocott- London

Sam Wang
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