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> This is fascinating. How do you attach the low tech lens to the 8 X 10
> camera Do you rig some kind of lens with a barrel? What do you use to
> make the size aperture you want? Tape? Cardboard?
> Can you and Sam tell us more about how you make and use these low tech
> lenses?
> Marilyn
Sure Marilyn, I spent several years collecting bits and pieces like large
bellows, 8x10 film holders etc., but suddenly remembered someone saying to me as
a child, "A camera is just a box with a lens at one end and room for a bit of
film or etc., at the other.'' So, thats what I made. Its nice to use high tech
stuff if you can afford it and I have gone thru' most of the gear over the
years but it is even more satisfying to work with simple ''garbage'' knowing
that the results far outweigh expectations.
      Attaching simple meniscus lenses to large format Deardorfs or cardboard
boxes does not include expensive turned metal barrels....just some duct tape
and, as you guessed, cardboard for lens boards.You could use empty plastic
containers from things like cake making products about the same diameter as the
lenses. Everything you will need is out there on the supemarket shelves. For
me, at least, this is real alternative photography and its great that there
seems to be many others out there thinking and working along similar lines. Sam
Wang has mentioned a couple of other aspects. Hi Sam. The last time I read
about you was in Judy's Post Factory mag No 9. or was it No 8? Did you notice I
had a mention, too, in the article on Fresson?
            Would be pleased to help with any other specific questions re Low
Tech. Got to push on now with messing about with Bromoil and Oil printing
By the way...... resin coated bromide paper makes great negatives. Contact
them with the same stuff and you will be absolutely astonished at what you get.
                       Tootle pip for now. John Grocott- London
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