Re: Large Format Lens Question. Low tech answer

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Date: 02/25/05-12:53:56 PM Z
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There's an outfit near Chicago (and there may very well be one like it in or
around other cities) called "American Science and Surplus"...they also have a
website...anyway, they have got an assortment of some of the most un-high-tech
lenses that I've ever seen. I have no idea where some of these pieces of
glass come from...copy machines? give-a-show projectors? All I know is that
they have an awesome collection of junk and I've spent some time in their
store looking at this crap and hlding them up trying to figure out what their
focal lengths might be and what their coverage are is. Thus far i've not yielded
to the temptation to pick some of them up and find a way to sock them on a
view camera but, based on this thread, I may have to re-think my position on
I suggest that those looking for odd-optics check out their website.


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