Re: Large Format Lens Question. Low tech answer

Date: 02/25/05-08:00:37 PM Z
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Check with Sam Wang on this list—I believe he had his grad students make
cameras out of Harry Potter glasses that he bought at a flea market.

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> There's an outfit near Chicago (and there may very well be one like it in
> or around other cities) called "American Science and Surplus"...they also have
> a website...anyway, they have got an assortment of some of the most
> un-high-tech lenses that I've ever seen.  I have no idea where some of these pieces
> of glass come from...copy machines?  give-a-show projectors?  All I know is
> that they have an awesome collection of junk and I've spent some time in their
> store looking at this crap and hlding them up trying to figure out what their
> focal lengths might be and what their coverage are is.  Thus far i've not
> yielded to the temptation to pick some of them up and find a way to sock them
> on a view camera but, based on this thread, I may have to re-think my position
> on this. 
> I suggest that those looking for odd-optics check out their website.
> best
> argon
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