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Date: 02/24/05-07:57:13 AM Z
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--- Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

I suppose you lost track of the issue, but this came
up in the context of silver gelatin, and there is nothing
like dichromate in silver gelatin emulsion.

Gee Ryuji, out of all the zillions of emulsions that have
been made world-wide and all the secrecy that surrounds
emulsion making, have you really the knowledge that "there
is nothing like dichromate in silver gelatin emulsion" ?!!

What do you call it when someone wipes out the possibility
that something might exist with a single breath... based
solely on the fact he is unaware of its existence?

I have in my possession a PRIZE-WINNING silver gelatin
emulsion formula that does contain something "

They might not be common, They might not exist today, They
may not even be in your booklet, but they can and do

That said, I agree with what I believe I said earlier that
you might indeed get away using metal, but its effect
might also simply go unnoticed. One is well advised to
avoid trouble and so I support the use of non-metal


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