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I'm not sure if I understand how you make the bit map image for the aquatint
screen. Using Photoshop 7.0 for an IBM, is it:

1. Scan the image at 600 dpi first to establish the input resolution, then
2. Mode> Grayscale (Discard color information? click [OK])
3. Click Mode> Bitmap
4. Input resolution from scan is at 600 pixels/inch and then type in:
Output:[600] pixels/inch

In your method, do you leave the default [Diffusion Dither] on or do you
select [Halftone Screen] next? If you select [Halftone Screen], what
frequency, angle and shape settings do you set it at for making the Solar
Plate aquatint screen?

Gerry G

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Forget it, Oody; just bitmap your image at input 600 dpi and output 600 dpi.

It looks great. I don't use a screen at all anymore.
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> Hi,
> Does anyone here know how to make an aquatint screen with Photoshop. I
> have
> decided to try making a solarplate from a photo.
> Oody
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> Ehud Yaniv
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