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I think what I meant by "appreciation" was: when someone is viewing a print
that has been placed in a setting like a gallery exhibit. A place where
people come to view art for art's sake, or to buy if we're lucky.
(Reminiscent of the Fine Arts Appreciation class I took in college.) Of
course you can view prints in other situations, but I think that's what you
were talking about in your first thread. My impression is that what you
implied was that if someone is familiar with a process (e.g., a digital
print) than they can appreciate it more--in the fine art sense. So then my
grandmother, who would be making tons of digital prints and e-mailing them
to everyone in my family and beyond, although she is not with us any more,
would appreciate a digital print over, let's say an silver or platinum print
because she doesn't know how they are made. (But she knows how a digital
print is made, by golly!) She is then "authentic" in her understanding of
her medium, God rest her soul, and by no means "alienated from her means of

ANYWAY, I don't really agree with much Marxism philosophy* when it comes to
the visual arts, not that there's anything wrong with that. So, yes, I think
I was using the word "appreciation" in the fine art sense. (Check please!)

*[Marie said: "My personal take on the 'authenticity' thang is somewhat
(only somewhat, don't be alarmed here) based on Marx's determination that we
are alienated from our means of production."]

CU you on the funway,

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How are/were you using that word, "appreciation", Gerry? In the fine art

I am thinking more towards awe or any general affinity for something, some
more kneejerk and....uh....."authentic". <grin>
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